Baking Soda for Teeth Cleaning?


Does baking soda help clean your teeth out of grocery stores in the Arm-n-hammer box?


It is fine to brush with baking soda right out of the Arm-n-hammer box. It is slightly abrasive and slightly antiseptic. It probably is not better for you than using a dry toothbrush to clean your teeth, and I would still recommend you use a toothpaste containing Fluoride as it will help prevent cavities and baking soda alone will not. The best way to clean your teeth is actually to brush with a dry tooth brush then repeat the brushing with a Fluoride tooth paste. The dry brush removes the plaque better and does not create foam in your mouth so you can see what you are doing then the second brushing is just to get some Fluoride exposure and freshen your breath.

Hope this helps,

Nick DeTure DMD


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