How Long Does It Take For Novacaine To Get Out Of Your System?


How long does it take for Novocaine to get out of your system after an injection for a procedure?


Good question. No one actually uses Novocaine anymore, and with the newer local anesthetics the duration of the numbness depends on what type of anesthetic was used as well as how and where it was used. The most commonly used anesthetics used today wear off with in a couple hours, however there are a couple of exceptions. Marcaine given to numb the lower jaw using an inferior alveolar block technique can last up to six hours and Septocaine given as an inferior alveolar block to numb the lower jaw can cause residual numbness of the tongue which can last up to six months. If you have numbness lasting longer than a day following a dental injection you need to return to the dentist who gave you the injection for an evaluation.

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Nick DeTure DMD

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