Black Along Gum Line


I haven’t been to the dentist in at least 10 years because I don’t have insurance and couldn’t afford it. I have tartar and some black along the gum line on the inside of my teeth. I am not in any pain. Can they be saved?


Hopefully your teeth can be saved. It sounds like you need to see a periodontist. This type of dentist is an expert in cleaning the black rings and tartar off of your teeth and evaluating them to see if they can be saved. They will need to do a full exam and a set of x-rays to determine what needs to be done to fix your teeth. If you have not seen anyone for ten years you may have some cavities as well. For the future remember it is always less expensive to do preventative work like routine cleanings two to four times a year than it is to fix problems created from a lack of professional care regardless of your insurance situation. Most dental insurance is at best an assistance program and usually covers little more than basic needs and preventative services. I have a friend in Knoxville that I am sure would be happy to see you . His name is Matt Heaton. His number is 865-693-2331. I also have a friend in Oak Ridge if that is closer for you. His name is Rob Cain and his number is 865-483-6991. Please contact one of them and have them tell you what can be done,
Please tell them Nick DeTure from ASKaDENTIST.com recommended you see them.

Hope This helps,
Nick DeTure DMD


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