Heat or Ice for Abscess Tooth?


Should you use ice or heat for an abscess tooth? Dental appointment and antibiotics today but still in a lot of swelling and pain.


Typically we suggest ice as a better option since the abscess is inflamed and heat just makes it more inflamed. I would suggest ice 20-30 minutes on then 20-30 min off. Also you can take over the counter Tylenol plus 600mg Motrin at the same time every 4 to 6 hours and will get very good pain relief without needing a narcotic. If your dentist has given you a narcotic pain medicine do not combine it with over the counter Tylenol, but you can combine it with Motrin ( the only exception to this is if he gave you a script for Vicoprofen which already has Motrin in it).

Hope this helps and you feel better.
Nick DeTure DMD
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